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George Chryssochoidis

Combining discrete choice experiments (DCE) with Surveys using Mplus both Classical and Bayesian Approaches

Psychometrics and econometrics have developed in parallel with little interaction between themselves. 

This is nowhere more real that in the field of discrete choice experiments which are a much preferred conceptual and analytical approach in the fields of environmental, transport, and health economics and marketing.

Survey based information has only been used as an influencer of the stated by respondents’ choices and only very recently initial attempts have introduced factor analytic thinking in the estimations.

The software of choice has also been drawn from the econometrics’ field with Nlogit, Biogeme and Stata been primary examples.

I present the latest thinking in the area of combining DCE with Surveys, demonstrate state-of-the-art examples and provide the MPlus syntax for the purpose.

Data from national and cross-national survey publicly funded project are used.