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Pre-conference workshop DSEM

The pre-conference workshop is taught by Bengt Muthén, Tihomir Asparouhov and Ellen Hamaker on Dynamic Structural Equation Modeling (DSEM). Participants benefit the most from the course if they have background knowledge of growth and multilevel modeling corresponding. It is also useful to have a basic understanding of Bayesian analysis corresponding to Chapter 9 of the Muthen, Muthen & Asparouhov book, or similar work.

If you want to be maximally prepared we recommend to participate in our Mplus Summerschool course on the fundamentals of Mplus and advanced longitudinal models.


Another workshop on DSEM is offered at the Multilevel conference, the M3 conference, the International Meeting of the Psychometric Society and at the John Hopkins University. Note that the current DSEM workshop can be easily combined with the Mplus users Meeting and two Mplus summerschool courses: introduction to Mplus, and advanced longitudinal modeling.